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From salmonella-contaminated foods to birth control pills: Here are this week's recalls in Canada

More salmonella-contaminated foods recalled including Taylor Farms' chopped salad kit seen above (CFIA) More salmonella-contaminated foods recalled including Taylor Farms' chopped salad kit seen above (CFIA)

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled various items, including overheated vacuum batteries and misprinted birth control pills this week.


The Canadian Food Inspect Agency (CFIA) issued a recall Tuesday for Taylor Farms' Mexican style street corn chopped salad kit due to possible salmonella contamination.

The 329 gram salad kits are identified by their Universal Product Code 030223061397 and have a best before date of Feb. 21, 2024.

The CFIA is urging consumers to check if they have the affected salad kits and to throw them out.

Earlier this week, four brands of eggs distributed in Saskatchewan were also recalled due to salmonella.

The recalled products included Compliments large size eggs, Harman medium size eggs, No Name large size white eggs, and Star Eggs extra large and large size.

Serial numbers for the eggs can be found on Health Canada's website.

The CFIA also issued a recall Wednesday for Bành Pia's Hopia cake due to undeclared egg.

The food inspection agency said the recall was triggered by a consumer complaint after a reported reaction.

The cake comes in 480 gram bag with Universal Product Code 8936014318942 and a best before date of Mach 6, 2024.

Delizia's vegetarian beef balls were recalled by the CFIA Thursday due to undeclared wheat on the label.

The 300 gram bag can be identified by the Universal Product Code 816432008923 and the following codes: 01292, 10833, and 12603.

No reactions due to product consumption have been reported.

Birth control pills

Health Canada issued a recall Wednesday for Audrina 28 birth control pills due to labelling issues that can lead to dosage confusion.

The health department said the day-of-the-week stickers are misprinted, listing Tuesday instead of Thursday.

The recall impacts certain lots of the pills with a drug identification number of 02532182. The expiry date is noted as March 2025.

Health Canada suggests that consumers can independently track or correct the error or go to their pharmacy for a no-cost replacement.

The misprinted day may increase the risk of missing a dose, which could lead to pregnancy or taking too many pills and increase the risk of nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, spotting or bleeding, Health Canada warned.


Toyota conducted a safety recall Thursday for more than 28,000 SUVs and pickup trucks in Canada involving transmission issues, the company said.

The vehicles affected include the Toyota Tundra, Sequoia and Lexus LX 600 from the 2023 and 2024 model years.

Toyota said that certain parts of the vehicle’s transmission may not immediately disengage when the vehicle is shifted to neutral.

"This can allow some engine power to continue to be transferred to the wheels and can allow the vehicle to inadvertently creep forward at a low speed when it is on a flat surface and no brakes are applied, leading to an increased risk of a crash," the company said in a statement.

Toyota and Lexus dealers will update the transmission software to fix the issue. Toyota said owners of the recalled vehicles will be notified by late April.

Volkswagen and Audi

Volkswagen and Audi recalled more than 80,000 vehicles this week due to the risk of fire from jet pump seals located inside fuel tanks.

According to a statement by Volkswagen (VW) Canada sent to, these pump seals are allowing fuel to leak into emission systems from charcoal canisters.

The vehicles under recall include the front-wheel drive 2015-20 Audi A3 sedan, the 2019-20 Volkswagen Jetta GLI and the 2015-19 Golf SportWagen.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also announced on Thursday that VW will be recalling more than 261,000 vehicles due to the same problem.

Owners of affected models will be notified about replacement parts directly from the car company, VW said in the statement.

Dyson battery

Health Canada issued a recall Wednesday for a battery replacement for Dyson V6 series vacuums due to overheating and fire risk.

The battery replacement, also known as FirstPower 4000mAh V6, was sold on between January 2022 and April 2022.

The health agency said defective products, amounting to 1,556 units, were found in two batches with the following numbers: PO2111150260 and PO2111120226.

As of Feb. 7, the company has received six reports of incidents, including one report of significant property damage due to fire in Canada.

Health Canada urges consumers to stop using the batteries and safely dispose of the items. Top Stories

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