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  • Top 10 places to retire in Canada, according to Sotheby's

    For Canadians thinking about retirement, costs aren't the only factors to consider when deciding where they want to spend their golden years. According to a real estate firm, these are the best locations for retirees in Canada.

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Canada's housing crisis: New funding isn't a 'long-term' solution, warns researcher

As a crushing housing stock shortage, record prices and skyrocketing rents spur an exodus from Canada's biggest cities, the federal government announced almost $100 million in new funding to tackle rent affordability. One researcher is warning, however, that although the additional support is "absolutely needed" it's not a long-term solution to a growing problem.


opinion What to know if you're considering buying a house with friends

A growing number of financially savvy Canadians have discovered a way to make homeownership more affordable by purchasing a home with their friends. In his financial advice column for, Christopher LIew explains the basics of how co-owning a home works, while outlining some of the pros and cons.

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