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Here's how Air Canada's new baggage tracking app works


Air Canada has launched a new bag tracking feature on its mobile app to instill "added confidence" for travellers.

According to a Dec. 1 press release, the app will help its customers keep track of their luggage or mobility aid in "real time."

By scanning the baggage tag on their luggage, the app will allow Canadians to see what stage their bags are in during handling. The feature is only available for domestic flights so far.

"Initially available to customers travelling within Canada during final development, the tracking feature will be expanded to the airline's U.S. flights next year and, over time, select international destinations," the press release reads.

According to the company, the move will give travellers a sense of security.

"The new tracking feature is designed to provide travellers with added confidence and improve the overall customer experience through greater convenience," the press release reads.

This comes after reported issues from customers who have gone without their luggage or mobility aids this past year. The company has vowed to do better for its customers.

The tracker will tell customers where their bags are before the plane leaves and include information on where they need to collect them.

If there is a delay in returning luggage, the app will alert the owner by text or email.

The traveller then has the option to "easily" file a report from their phone and arrange a delivery, the company says. Top Stories


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