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Driver ejected into the air after vehicle rolls over during police chase in U.S.


Ohio's North Olmsted Police Department released video footage of a dramatic vehicle rollover during a pursuit.

Police originally attempted to pull over the vehicle during a traffic stop due to licence plate and brake light violations when the driver refused to pull over. After speeding off from the initial scene, police attempted to deploy a spike trap but appeared to be unsuccessful.

Shortly after, the car can be seen losing control when passing another vehicle and violently rolling over into a ditch on the side of the freeway. According to Storyful, a one-year-old passenger located in the rear of the vehicle in a child seat was reportedly treated in hospital showing no signs of injuries.

The driver, as seen in the video, was ejected from the car into the air before landing on the ground and was then arrested by police. The police department said the driver faces a long list of charges involving endangering children, failure to comply and others. Top Stories


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