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Map: Where are the asbestos cement pipes delivering drinking water in Canada?


W5 investigated aging asbestos pipes across Canada and the potential health hazards if it ends up in your tap water.

We spent several months trying to get to the bottom of two things: Where are these pipes, and is there asbestos in Canada’s water? We reached out and asked over 100 towns, districts and municipalities what types of pipes were in use, and whether there were maps of these networks.

Roughly 90 per cent of the places that responded still used asbestos cement pipes, with thousands of kilometres of them still underground.

Above is an interactive map and chart showing where in Canada these asbestos cement pipes are being used.

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The map has been updated to correct the location of Millstream, a community located approximately 3.5 km north of the District of Ucluelet in B.C. Top Stories

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