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Cabinet shuffle: Analysis and list of who's who after Trudeau's cabinet overhaul


Here's how the Liberal cabinet currently stands after the July 23, 2023 cabinet shuffle.

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When it comes to provincial representation, 41 per cent (16) of the cabinet ministers are from Ontario, with 28 per cent (11) from Quebec. There are no cabinet ministers from the Northwest Territories or the Yukon. Neither Saskatchewan nor Nunavut elected a Liberal in the last 2021 federal election. (Hover over the dots to see individual cabinet ministers.)


Not including the prime minister, the Liberal cabinet continues to be 50% men and 50% women. Trudeau has promised since 2015 to choose a cabinet based on gender parity.


When it comes to diverse representation in cabinet, the breakdown is as follows. 28 per cent, or 11 members, of cabinet are persons of colour -- that's up from 21 per cent (8 members) before the cabinet shuffle. Three members identify as LGBTQ2S+, and there continues to be just one Indigenous member (Dan Vandal, who became aware of his Metis heritage later in life).


Seven of the members have not previously held a cabinet position. Four of the rookies are women and three are men, with five of them being from Ontario ridings, one from B.C. and one from Quebec.


Seven rookie cabinet ministers who were promoted after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet shuffle on July 26, 2023 (CTV News)




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