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These are the recalls in Canada this week

Health Canada recalled several items this week including counterfeit Viagra and Cialis and Cannondale Dave bicycles as seen in the above image. (Health Canada) Health Canada recalled several items this week including counterfeit Viagra and Cialis and Cannondale Dave bicycles as seen in the above image. (Health Canada)

Health Canada recalled various items, including Chrysler vehicles and USB chargers. Here are the products Canadians should watch out for. 


Health Canada issued a recall Wednesday for a double USB AC adapter due to electric shock and fire hazard.

The adapter, with model number LDT-3GI-B5, is a white, cube-shaped USB charger with a thin coloured layer at the edge of the surface available in silver, blue, purple and red.

The company said nearly 5,000 adapters have been sold in Canada between May 2022 and February 2024.

The company has received no reports of incidents or injuries as of Feb. 13.

Health Canada also issued a recall Thursday for Ason Tech USB wall charger due to electric shock risk.

The wall charger is a white Type-A single port charger with SKU number 400155 printed on the product.

The company said more than 2,300 chargers have been sold in Canada between November 2023 and February 2024.

As of Feb. 15, the company said no injuries have been reported.


Chrysler recalled 18,323 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles in Canada Wednesday.

The recall affects some 2021-23 MY Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee L models.

About 338,200 vehicles in the U.S., 3,700 in Mexico, and 16,200 in the international market are affected.

A company investigation following customer feedback led to the discovery that some models may have a damaged pinch bolt in the upper control arm, resulting in a loss of vehicle control, which increases the risk of a crash. 

Counterfeit drugs

Health Canada confiscated two counterfeit erectile dysfunction drugs from two convenience stores in Toronto.

The health department, in a recall notice Wednesday, said counterfeit 100-milligram packets of Viagra were seized from a Daisy Mart located in Scarborough. Additionally, officials seized 20-milligram packets of Cialis from an MJ Mini Mart in North York, with an invalid lot number printed "LOT: 5668"

The products contain and are labelled with their respective prescription drug ingredients: sildenafil and tadalafil.

Health Canada said the drugs have been confirmed as counterfeit by the authorized manufacturers.

The recall said the counterfeit products were sold in individual blister packs. Authorized Viagra and Cialis are sold in packaging.

Health Canada noted that these products were seized in addition to several other unauthorized sexual enhancement products that were previously recalled from these locations.

The recall history of these unauthorized products, including those claiming to help with weight loss, as a workout aid or as "poppers," tracks as early as November 2017.

Immediately stop using these products, Health Canada advised anyone who purchased them.


Health Canada issued a recall Thursday for Cannondale Dave bicycles due to fall and injury hazard.

The recall claims the headtube can separate from the frame and cause the rider to fall. It refers to bicycles with model years 2021 to 2023.

For specific models, check Health Canada's website.

The company, Cycling Sports Group Inc., said more than 100 bicycles were sold in Canada between June 2021 and December 2023.

As of Feb. 28, no incidents have been reported.

Health Canada said consumers should stop using the recalled product and contact a Cannondale dealer for a free frame replacement.

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