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Watch parents, police officer save a toddler who nearly drowned in a backyard pool


Bodycam video shows how a Michigan police officer helped parents save their two-year-old boy after he was found lifeless at the bottom of a pool.

The child fell into the pool on July 9 in Sterling Heights, a suburb of Detroit.

The child's father jumped into the water to pull his son out and both his parents started CPR manoeuvres. After about a minute, the boy spit out water and started gasping for breath, but was still “blue in the face,” according to police.

Bodycam video shows a police officer rush to the scene. He grabbed the boy, flipped him over and gave him back blows to clear the child’s airway.

The toddler was transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation. He has since been released and is "back to his happy self," the police department said.

"It was a fun pool party where everyone was enjoying the nice weather and having a good time," the Sterling Heights Police Department wrote on Facebook.

"This accident occurred and went unnoticed by people within the pool, mere feet away from the child. Stay vigilant and enroll in a CPR class to help save a life!" Top Stories

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