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'Not a start the royals want': Upcoming Prince Harry interviews already stirring royal discussion


An upcoming 60 Minutes interview between Prince Harry and Anderson Cooper is set to broadcast on Jan. 8, and it’s already stirring up discussion.

“Not a start the royals want for a year, which is going to include a coronation and really the big start of the new reign,” CTV News Royal Commentator Richard Berthelsen told CTV News Channel on Monday. “Obviously, these interviews are designed to raise interest in the book and to promote book sales.”

Harry’s memoir titled Spare is set to be released later this month.

In another pre-released clip from an ITV interview ahead of the book launch, also scheduled to air Jan. 8, Harry shares that he wants his father and brother back in his life.

“It never needed to be this way,” Harry said in the clip.

Since the release of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s highly popular six-part Netflix docuseries, "Harry & Meghan," last December, discussion has circulated regarding the couple’s choice to publicly discuss Royal Family matters.

Despite the many disclosures by the couple in the docuseries, the Royal Family has made no statement in response.

“He wants reconciliation with the family. But of course, what he's continuing to do with this kind of interview, and of course, maybe with the book, we haven't seen it yet, may work exactly against that,” Berthelsen said.

In the 60 Minutes interview teaser, Harry tells Cooper that “every single time I’ve tried to do this privately there have been briefings and leakings, and plantings of stories against me and my wife.”

“The difficulty here is that with these constant interviews and these constant statements that are being made on the California side … it's really difficult for the Royal Family to do much besides try and respond through some people who maybe have some information, but they can't really directly respond,” Berthelsen said. “I think what it really points to is a fundamental disagreement between Harry and Meghan in terms of dealing with the media for the palace's approach over the years versus what they wanted.”

In addition to the release of "Spare," it will be a big year for the Royal Family, as the upcoming coronation of King Charles III is set for May 6.

“I think the Royal Family have yet to see what Harry and Meghan are going to do besides kind of complaining and throwing brickbats across the Atlantic in a positive way, and that remains to be seen,” Berthelsen said. Top Stories

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