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iPhone class-action: Who qualifies for the Apple settlement?


If you owned an iPhone before December 2017, you may soon be eligible for a payout from Apple, which has agreed to pay over $11 million to settle a class-action lawsuit.

The settlement stems from allegations of “performance mitigation features” on certain iOS software, “defects” causing the phones to “prematurely age, degrade and shut down unexpectedly,” and battery performance issues.

“The settlement is not an admission of liability, wrongdoing, or fault on the part of Apple, which denies the allegations against it,” reads a website detailing the terms of the proposed settlement.

The site, created by third-party administrator Epiq, provides early information on the settlement for people to read and determine if they qualify. The case remains before B.C.’s Supreme Court, which has not yet approved the settlement.

Canadians outside Quebec who owned the following devices may qualify for a payout of up to $150 per phone:

  • Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, with iOS 10.2.1 or later installed or downloaded before Dec. 21, 2017
  • Apple iPhone 7 or 7 Plus with iOS 11.2 or later installed or downloaded before Dec. 21, 2017

B.C.’s Supreme Court will decide whether to approve the settlement on Jan. 29. If it does, people would be able to apply online as members of the class-action lawsuit. Top Stories

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