A Nova Scotia woman is offering truckers free meals out of her truck stop in order to support the workers keeping Canada’s supply chain running during the pandemic.

Truckers are part of the country’s essential workforce who don’t have the option of working from home, even during a crisis. An estimated 70 per cent of goods in Canada are transported by truck.

But most of the roadside comforts they rely on have been closed due to COVID-19, leaving many drivers without a way to fill their stomachs along their routes.

Because of this, Crystal Blair has pledged to keep her truck stop open no matter what in order to help these unsung heroes.

“It’s a lonely old road out there today,” said Blair. “And they don't even know where they can stop and use the washroom.”

Blair is keeping her rural operation running with food donated by her neighbours. Every day, she cooks up meals to offer to drivers passing through — and she’s not charging them a cent.

From the meals to baked goods to drinks, everything in her truck stop is now free.

Blair knows how important it is for drivers to have a place they can count on along the road.

"They're living in their trucks, some of them are out for weeks at a time,” Blair told CTV News. “Some of them can't go home because of where they've been.”

The appreciation goes both ways. Solidarity between the truckers logging long days on the road, and the truck stop owner working dawn to dusk. One trucker who visited her truck stop told CTV News that she was “just an angel.”

“Nice spot to come to, good food, nice people, we really appreciate it.”

Blair said her establishment is “just one small little truck stop in the little town of Glenholme.”