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'Endgame' author on controversial new book about Royal Family's activities since Queen's death


Journalist and author of the Royal Family-focused book 'Endgame,' Omid Scobie, spoke with CTV's Your Morning Wednesday about how his new work dives into a big change within the family.

Scobie writes that after Queen Elizabeth II died in 2022, the Royal Family's new era 'marked a real change.'

"I think with her loss, it made us feel more comfortable talking about the future, the purpose, the relevancy of the monarchy," Scobie, who has closely covered the Royals since 2011, said.

Now, into the second year of King Charles's reign, Scobie said universal support for the monarch is not at the same level.

"We've seen him referred to by his own staff in the Times of London as the 'caretaker king,' and people who spoke to me referred to it as sort of a bridge to the true future as a monarchy," Scobie said.

As a British citizen, Scobie said he's interested in what the Royal Family can bring to Britain today.

"The issue of race and the Royals is one I've particularly enjoyed diving into in the book because I don't think these conversations happen often enough," he said.

Scobie referenced Megan's revelation that as an American mixed-race woman, she fell victim to racism and prejudice.

"Rather than protect her from it, they kind of left her to it, and when she rang the alarm bells and said that there are problems, that she was at times feeling suicidal, she was again ignored," Scobie said.

"I think the Royal Family, even to this day, (shies) away from true conversations about its connections to the slave trade through the ancestors of current living worlds," Scobie said.

In an 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Megan and Harry revealed that someone within the Royal Family expressed concerns about what colour their son Archie’s skin colour would be.

In "Endgame," Scobie revealed that there were in fact two parties who had these concerns, and Meghan shared their names in private letters with King Charles III.

Scobie's book was pulled from shelves in the Netherlands after the two parties were named in a Dutch version of the book in error.

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