What is Sponsored content?

What is Sponsored content?

What is Sponsored content?

From time to time, CTVNews.ca publishes content that is supported with funding from an outside entity which may include an organization or company.

This content may include, but is not limited to, lifestyle, travel or consumer interest stories that are in line with the interests of the outside entity. It is our hope that this content is both interesting and informative. We aim to be transparent about who has funded the content and the role the sponsors played in shaping the content. 

‘Sponsored’ will be clearly attached to this content.


'Sponsored' content is funded by an outside entity, but we maintain editorial control over that content.

A sponsor whose branding appears on the content may have a say in the nature or spirit of the topics covered, but they do not play a part in the content’s creation.

A senior editor decides whether content is suitable editorially before an agreement with an outside entity for sponsored content is reached.