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Tightness in back and joints? Here are some mobility stretches


Fitness coach Andrea Tam works with clients to ensure they retain flexibility as they age.

"Mobility training is super important, at least to try to do 10 minutes, maybe three to five times a week," she told CTV's Your Morning on Tuesday. "It's good for improved functioning of your joints and also for your muscles."

Tam, who is the CEO of Tamfit Canada, said focusing on breathing throughout the movements will allow for a deeper stretch.

"With mobility training, a lot of yoga poses can also be used," Tam said, as she shared some exercises that can increase range of motion.

Each stretch should be held for 60 to 120 seconds, she said.

Tam showcased a number of movements focusing on the hips, glutes and back, which she says will improve stability, flexibility, and can prevent injury.


To watch the 10-minute stretching routine click the video at the top of this article. Top Stories


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