MONTREAL - A non-profit that advocates for sensible alcohol consumption is critical of the federal and Quebec governments for their inaction on sugary alcoholic drinks.

The renewed call follows the death of a Quebec teenager who had reportedly drunk such a product last month.

Educ'alcool director Hubert Sacy says he's not impressed with the response from both levels of government in the wake of the death of Athena Gervais, but adds he is inviting them to act now.

While his organization believes it would be preferable for the federal government to ban the sale of alcoholic, sugary, premixed drinks, he says at the very least the products should come in smaller sizes and with stricter labelling.

Sacy says the Quebec government can also intervene by legislating on the minimum price of such products as well as making such premixed drinks only available at government-run liquor stores.

He says the advertising and promotion of these products should be subject to stricter regulations.