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Watch this: Kayaker drops 20 metres from Arctic Circle waterfall


An extreme kayaker has conquered a world first: Paddling down the world's highest glacier waterfall drop, located off Svalbard, Norway.

Heart-racing video shows 32-year-old Spanish kayaker Aniol Serrasolses paddling through rapids and ice tunnels before plunging 20 metres down an icy waterfall, named 'Philip's Ladder,' and onto the water below.

Serrasolses and his team, which included kayakers David Sodomka, Aleix Salvat and Mikel Sarasola, travelled 36 hours by sea from Longyearbyen, Norway, to the Bråsvellbreen glacier located in the Arctic Circle.

The group then trekked 11 kilometres to access the river leading to the waterfall. They faced obstacles along the way including treacherous ice walls and unpredictable whitewater rivers sculpted in the Arctic ice.

"We were in a constantly changing environment, a totally unpredictable place. We knew how risky it was, but when you look around you it all made sense," Serrasolses told Red Bull Media House.

The historic plunge is the largest-ever recorded descent of a glacial waterfall.

Serrasolses says it's the most unique kayaking experience he's ever had.

"It's hard to find the words to explain this feeling," he said. "It's like kayaking on another planet."

The incredible feat will be showcased in 'Ice Waterfalls,' an upcoming documentary set to air on Red Bull TV.

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