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Safety campaign shows falls, close calls involving kids in train stations

Australia's transit society Queensland Rail is using real-life falls and near-miss involving children at train stations in a new safety campaign.

The "Mind the Gap" campaign shows a series of incidents caught on camera where kids could have been harmed by falling between a train and platform or running towards an oncoming locomotive.

Queensland Rail says it's using those striking videos as a reminder to all passengers, especially those travelling with little ones, to stay behind the yellow line until the train has stopped.

The transit society is reporting a total of 122 falls between a train and a platform between January 2020 and February 2023.

"It's a concerning number which serves as a stark reminder that we all need to be aware of our surroundings while travelling on the network," Scott Riedel from Queensland Rail explains. "While small children can often fit through the gap, a larger child or adult can still sustain a painful injury if a limb slips between the train and platform."

Most incidents are reported in the busiest stations. Queensland Rail says it has invested in different safety measures including platform raising and safety signage. Top Stories

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