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Russia-Ukraine war: A visual timeline showing key developments after one year of conflict


Friday, Feb. 24 is a somber anniversary for the people of Ukraine, marking one year since Russian forces launched a full scale invasion with the objective to quickly take control of the country that has been independent since 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved.

But Russia met fierce Ukrainian resistance, and one year later, the war continues, with Russia having to withdraw from several territories (oblasts) it captured in the early months of the invasion.

Reports based on analyses of data collected by the Institute for the Study of War – an American research group and think tank – estimate that Russia has lost one-fifth of the land it once controlled in Ukraine after its invasion last February.

In this visual timeline, marks key developments in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Click here for a full-screen version of the interactive story map below, built on ESRI Canada's ArcGIS platform

Interactive and maps by Jesse Tahirali using ESRI Canada's ArcGIS platform; text by Tom Yun; edited by Phil Hahn

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