As Hurricane Dorian creeps along the U.S. coastline, the storm has left more than US$320,000 worth of narcotics along the shores of Florida.

The Melbourne Police Department in Melbourne, Fla. reported on Tuesday that a beachgoer stumbled upon a suspicious package that had washed onto shores of Paradise Beach Park. Police later determined the package contained a kilogram of cocaine.

A narcotics team is investigating exactly where the narcotics came from.

This isn’t the only batch of illegal drugs to be found along Florida’s beaches in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. On Friday, a beachgoer in Cocoa Beach, less than 32 kilometres from Melbourne, found a duffel  bag with 15 kilograms of cocaine inside, according to CNN.

According to Business Insider, a single kilogram of cocaine can sell for US$20,000 on the black market.

Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas on Sunday and has since slowly creeped toward the United States. It is expected to remain along the coast and could make landfall in South Carolina on Thursday afternoon.

Dorian is expected to hit Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and parts of New Brunswick on Saturday evening,when it is expected to arrive as a tropical storm.