TORONTO -- Authorities say a small plane crashed in Texas after dumping hundreds of litres of coloured water in another case of a gender reveal event gone wrong.

The pilot reported that he was maneuvering at a low altitude in order to pour out 1,324 litres of pink water for the gender reveal, according to a press release put out by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Things went wrong when the plane “aerodynamically stalled,” from moving too slow, the release said. The plane crashed into the ground and flipped upside down.

The pilot reported that there were no issues with the plane before the gender reveal flyover that could have caused it to malfunction.

There were two people on board the single-seat airplane, according to a Federal Aviation Administration inspector, but no major injuries were reported.

Gender reveals -- the phenomenon of throwing a party featuring a stunt intended to reveal the expected gender of an infant -- have become more dangerous as the desire for a more impressive reveal has gone up, researchers say.

Last month, a 56-year-old woman was killed at a gender reveal party in Iowa after a homemade explosive sent shrapnel shooting outwards, instead of merely spraying colourful powder into the air.

In 2017, a 47,000-acre wildfire was started in Arizona when an off-duty U.S. border patrol agent shot a target filled with blue powder for a gender reveal, causing the target to explode.

Other gender reveal mishaps have involved cars bursting into flames, and explosions big enough to create shockwaves that could be felt for kilometres.