OTTAWA – Americans view the bilateral relationship with Canada as "one of the most important" relationships and will work to maintain it, according to U.S. President Donald Trump.

In a statement congratulating his neighbours to the north on the occasion of Canada Day, Trump offered his "best wishes for your nation's bright future."

"Since its founding, Canada has represented a powerful, positive force in the world," Trump's statement read. "Our people share many strong bonds, including a common history, close cultural, economic, and familial ties, and a deep sense of duty to promote peace and prosperity in the world."

This diplomatic nod was sent on Sunday to Governor General Julie Payette, alongside warm remarks from U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft.

Pompeo said that the United States is "proud to partner" with Canada when it comes to promoting democracy, human rights, and respect for the rule of law globally.

He cited the bilateral trading relationship, collaborations on combatting terrorism and space exploration, and preventing human rights abuses as examples.

"We join with our Canadian friends and neighbors to celebrate the 152nd anniversary of Confederation," Pompeo said.

Similarly, Craft cited the re-negotiated, but yet-to-be-ratified NAFTA deal, and the Canada-U.S. pledge to partner on the Lunar Gateway program as high-points between the two nations over the last year.

"I am very optimistic that the coming year will bring our countries even closer," Craft said. "Americans are so fortunate to have neighbors like you."