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opinion The big benefits of adopting a debt-free lifestyle

In his column for, financial advice expert Christopher Liew explains the benefits of adopting a debt-free lifestyle, as well as the change in financial mindset and sacrifices it takes.


opinion Joe Biden's Netanyahu problem could cost him the election, and America its security

As Israel's attacks in Gaza have grown more brazen and brutal with each offensive, and intelligence reports now saying Iran could be planning retaliatory strikes, Washington political commentator Eric Ham says President Joe Biden clearly has a Netanyahu problem -- a problem that could cost him his job and America its security.

From Don Martin, The Bottom Line


opinion Don Martin: How a beer break may have doomed the carbon tax hike

When the Liberal government chopped a planned beer excise tax hike to two per cent from 4.5 per cent and froze future increases until after the next election, says political columnist Don Martin, it almost guaranteed a similar carbon tax move in the offing.


opinion Don Martin: ArriveCan debacle may be even worse than we know from auditor's report

It's been 22 years since a former auditor general blasted the Chretien government after it 'broke just about every rule in the book' in handing out private sector contracts in the sponsorship scandal. In his column for, Don Martin says the book has been broken anew with everything that went on behind the scenes of the 'dreaded' ArriveCan app.

From Tom Mulcair


opinion Tom Mulcair: Just give it time, and Poilievre's stances can turn on a dime

Pierre Poilievre has discovered the charm of saying one thing and its opposite in successive interviews, says former NDP leader Tom Mulcair in his column for, adding that it's a technique that could start to raise questions in the minds of the voting public about what the Conservative leader actually stands for.


opinion Tom Mulcair: Weak communications are the Trudeau Liberals' Achilles heel

The Trudeau government can't catch a break, says former NDP leader Tom Mulcair in his column on After an 'excellent' cabinet retreat, they were not only hit with a federal court decision out of the blue but they made a series of communications missteps -- mistakes that are proving to be the Liberals' Achilles heel.


opinion Tom Mulcair: Our universities are the light of the world. Stop selling them short

Immigration Minister Marc Miller was candid in assessing the current situation for foreign students in Canada, calling it "out of control" and "disconcerting," writes Tom Mulcair in his column for But the former NDP leader adds Miller must now prescribe the right cure for our ailing universities without killing the patient.