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Wet weather to plague provinces, some areas to see up to 45 millimetres of rain


As the U.S. deals with severe storms and tornadoes, some Canadian provinces are bracing for impact north of the border.

The same system that brought deadly tornadoes is hammering Ontario and Quebec with snow and freezing rain in some areas, CTV Your Morning's meteorologist Kelsey McEwen said.

In central Ontario, warnings include one to three millimetres of ice accretion that can cause slippery roads, sidewalks and untreated surfaces. This will change to rain Monday afternoon, bringing in 20 to 30 millimetres, the forecast suggests.

The lower Great Lakes areas were also warned to expect a wet morning, followed by cloudy conditions, McEwen said. There was a risk of severe thunderstorms overnight along lakes Erie and Ontario, including in Toronto, as well as for the Kingston and Ottawa areas.

Most forecasts no longer include thundershowers, but some areas should expect heavy rain, and according to McEwen, these wet conditions will be repeated through much of the week.

In Eastern Canada, a Colorado low is expected to develop Wednesday, which will bring a "big headliner" of active weather towards the end of the week, McEwen warned.

Freezing rain warnings were issued in Newfoundland and Labrador Monday morning, where the forecast suggests the freezing rain will switch to rain later in the day. Areas will be hit with 25 to 45 millimetres between Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday.

In Western Canada, possible heavy snow is in the forecast for northern B.C., hammering the area with anywhere from two to 15 centimetres — a "wide range," according to McEwen, because snow could turn into rain.

There's a snowfall warning in effect for the Banff National Park, Kananaskis and Okotoks areas of Alberta, and special weather statements elsewhere, including in Calgary, warning of the "potential for significant snowfall" later in the week, Environment Canada advised.

Dense fog was forecast for an area along the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, but the fog was predicted to lift later in the morning.

There are no weather alerts issued for Manitoba, Maritimes, Nunavut Northwest Territories and Yukon as of Monday morning. Top Stories

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