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Moose strolls through Fredericton


A Fredericton woman is awe-struck by what she saw Tuesday morning.

A moose was strolling down Sunset Drive around 9 a.m. when Jennifer Grace was driving by.

"It was so cool to see it," Grace said.

"I've seen moose in the country, but never in city limits."

At the time, she was driving her puppy to the veterinarian. Grace says her daughter thought the passing moose was a horse.

"As we got closer, she shouted 'That's a moose.'"

Grace pulled over into a nearby parking lot.

"It walked right by us. There was a lot of people driving by and some workers in front of the care home, as well as some residents," she said.

Grace took a video and posted it to social media. As of Tuesday evening, it's already been shared hundreds of times and been viewed more than 55,000 times.

Nick Brown, spokesperson for the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development said the Fredericton office received a phone call Tuesday about a moose sighting in the Sunset Drive area.

"Staff went to locate the animal but were not able to do so. A large, wooded area is located nearby, and staff are hopeful the moose returned to the forest," Brown said.

He said young moose are commonly pushed away by their pregnant mothers in the spring as they prepare to give birth to another calf in the near future.

"Moose are wild animals and unpredictable, and staff will respond if any potential safety issues are reported by the public," Brown said. Top Stories

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