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How would you spend Canada's proposed grocery rebate? We want to hear from you


Along with improving access to health care and investing in a clean economy, the 2023 federal budget also includes plans for a one-time “grocery rebate.”

The money will be offered through the GST tax credit system and according to the federal government, approximately 11 million low- and modest-income Canadians would be eligible to receive it. Couples with two children could receive up to $467 for their groceries, while a single person could receive $234 and a senior could be eligible for up to $225.

Although the latest data shows that Canada’s annual inflation rate dropped from 5.9 per cent in January to 5.2 per cent in February, grocery prices remain high across the country. According to data from Statistics Canada, food prices increased 10.6 year-over-year in February. wants to hear from Canadians who plan on taking advantage of this rebate, if the proposed measure is passed in Parliament.

How would this money impact your grocery bills? What do they look like now? Would you change your grocery-buying habits if you had this extra money? Give us the breakdown of exactly what you would spend it on.

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