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These are the 5 headlines you should read this morning


Global Affairs Canada confirms the death of an eighth Canadian amid the Israel-Hamas war, Venezuelans approve a referendum to claim sovereignty over much of Guyana, and international students are once again set to face working hour limits.

1. Israel-Hamas war: Global Affairs Canada has announced the death of an eighth Canadian citizen in the Israel-Hamas war.

2. Venezuela referendum: Venezuelans on Sunday approved a referendum called by the government of President Nicolas Maduro to claim sovereignty over a piece of neighbouring Guyana, the country's electoral authority announced.

3. International students: Canada is set to reimpose the cap on the number of hours that study permit holders can work off campus, putting many international students in a tough spot amid heightened cost-of-living concerns.

4. Health care: Canada is trailing behind other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries when it comes to the number of physicians relative to the population and its spending on primary care, a new analysis has found.

5. Word of the year: Oxford University Press has named "rizz" as its word of the year.

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