TORONTO -- Garneau is shuffled out of the cabinet, an important deadline looms in a case about Indigenous children, and parents gift record amounts to children buying homes. Here's what you need to know to start your day.

1. Cabinet shuffle: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will overhaul his cabinet with some major moves Tuesday, including shuffling out Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau, sources tell CTV News. 

2. Speaking engagement: An organization that received $5.8 million from the federal government to help job seekers from under-represented communities is refusing to say if it paid the prime minister’s mother, Margaret Trudeau, to speak at an event it held this month. 

3. Indigenous children: The deadline is fast approaching for the federal government to decide whether it will appeal a decision by the Federal Court to uphold two Canadian Human Rights Tribunal orders requiring Ottawa to pay billions of dollars to Indigenous children

4. Housing market: As Canadian home prices continue to rise and become increasingly unaffordable, parents are giving their adult children record amounts of money to help with the expensive purchase, a move that also widens the wealth gap, according to a CIBC report. 

5. Rogers drama: The telecommunications giant Rogers Communications Inc. has found itself embroiled in family drama that experts believe could have implications in all factions of the media conglomerate. 

One more thing…

Lost hiker: A person who went missing during a hike last week in Colorado ignored multiple phone calls from search-and-rescue because they didn't recognize the number, according to authorities. 

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