TORONTO -- A Denver woman says her family was kicked off a United Airlines flight on Saturday after her two-year-old daughter refused to wear a face mask.

Eliz Fulop posted a video to Instagram of her husband Erhard Orban trying several times to put the mask on their daughter's face shortly before their flight was set to take off from Denver to New Jersey. The family said they were planning to visit friends in New York City for the weekend.

In the video, the child squirms, pulling away and hiding her face from Orban.

The edited video then cuts to a United Airlines flight attendant asking the family to get off the plane as the child was in violation of the company's mask policy.

It is unclear how long Orban tried to put a mask on their daughter or if the flight attendant gave the family options before escorting them off the plane.

Fulop later posted an emotional video to her Twitter account detailing the incident.

"We just got kicked off the flight because our two-year-old would not put on a mask," Fulop said in the video. "And we tried."

As per the company's website, United Airlines requires all employees and customers over the age of two to wear a face covering while on board a flight.

Fulop told KMGH-TV that this was not the first time the family have flown with their two-year-old during the pandemic, having travelled four times with United Airlines prior without issue.

"We flew in October, that was the last time we flew with her and no problem, like they had just been so nice," Fulop said in an interview with the TV station. She added that attendants on that flight had offered her daughter colouring books and snacks.

However, Fulop says the New Jersey flight was different.

According to KMGH-TV, Fulop said the crew asked their daughter's age upon boarding, and told the family that she would need to wear a mask for the duration of the flight. They provided one for her since the family had not brought one along.

The parents said they tried to put the mask on their daughter, but she refused to wear it.

"My goal was not to cause a scene. The harder I tried to put the mask on Adeline the more she was screaming," Orban said.

Fulop says she was humiliated by the incident and upset that United Airlines would try to force such restrictions on a toddler.

"Watching it is really hard as a mother and also knowing that we put her through that," she said.

The World Health Organization suggests that children aged five and under should not be required to wear masks, however, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that anyone over the age of two should wear masks in "public settings and when around people who don't live in their household."

United Airlines later released a statement to KMGH-TV saying it was investigating the incident and had been in contact with the family. The airline noted that it had already refunded the family for their tickets and returned their car seat and bags.

"The health and safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority, which is why we have a multi-layered set of policies, including mandating that everyone onboard two and older wears a mask," the statement said in part.

According to KMGH-TV, similar mask guidelines are also in place on Delta and Southwest flights in the U.S.