TORONTO -- What are the warning signs or “red flags” when it comes to dating? According to the internet, not liking dogs, Velcro shoes and people who insist all their exes are “crazy,” to name just a few.

People are posting their relationship “red flags” on social media, and they are pretty specific about their deal breakers. While the popular trend is not new, it has gone mainstream, with red flag emojis filling up Twitter timelines and TikTok’s For You Page.

Users have posted everything from the seemingly obvious (punching holes in walls) to the super obscure (calling women “females,” riding horses). Here’s a small sampling of some of the more popular “red flags”:

Some were relationship-specific:


true story… biggest red flag #DontSpillChallenge #fyp

♬ Know Yourself - Drake

Others were about differences in taste:

And others were pretty obscure:

And like all popular memes, it wasn’t long before brands chimed in, likely signalling the end of the trend.