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Are you an international student working more than 20 hours per week? We want to hear from you


Last November, the federal government removed the cap on the number of hours international students can work in a pilot project designed to address labour shortages in the Canadian economy.

However, the pilot project is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2023, which means international students will once again be limited to working 20 hours per week starting next year.

This comes as a time of heightened cost-of-living concerns in Canada, especially with skyrocketing grocery prices and housing costs. At the same time, international students also are charged tuition that is on average more than five times higher than domestic students, according to data from Statistics Canada.

Canada's international student program has also been under heightened scrutiny, as the number of students from abroad in Canada has more than doubled since 2011. A Senate report from September said Canada's international student program faces "integrity challenges" and said institutions have become over reliant on international student tuition.

If you are an international student currently working more than 20 hours per week, wants to here from you.

How do you plan to pay for your tuition and living expenses while working fewer hours? Will your employer allow you to work fewer hours or will you need to find a new job? Would you like to see the federal government permanently lift the 20-hour cap?

Share your questions by emailing us at with your name, general location and phone number in case we want to follow up. Your comments may be used in a story. Top Stories

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