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More than 1,000 Tesla vehicles recalled in Canada over rear-view camera glitch


Tesla issued a recall for more than 1,000 of its vehicles in Canada due to a glitch that can cause the rear-view camera system to malfunction and not display properly.

The electric vehicle company said the issue is with software in 1,172 of its 2023 models — S, X and Y — and it released an update to fix the problem.

The recall was issued because Canadian regulations require a rear-view image to display when the vehicle is shifted into reverse.

"This recall only affects vehicles equipped with full self-driving computer version 4.0 and running a software release version from 2023.44.30 through 2023.44.30.6, or 2023.44.100," Transport Canada's website noted.

"Transport Canada recommends that all vehicle owners register their vehicle with the manufacturer to ensure they are notified when a safety recall is issued, and to make arrangements to have any recalls repaired as soon as possible when they are notified to do so," a spokesperson for Transport Canada told

If your Tesla is affected by the recall you will get an email notification. If your vehicle is running software release 2023.44.30.7 or a later release, no action is required.

To determine if your Tesla is affected by the recall, you can check the manufacturer's website. Top Stories

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