The likely future king is six years old today.

Prince George, who is third in line to the British throne, was shown beaming in a set of new photos released by Kensington Palace on Sunday ahead of his birthday Monday.

While he’s probably decades away from wearing the crown, he’s perhaps the most famous six-year-old in the world. Little is known about his personal life, but the new photos still tell part of the story of a young family.

Visit from the tooth fairy

Like any six-year-old, George is losing his baby gnashers, including the tooth missing in the two photos taken in the gardens at Kensington Palace. He’s on a regular, healthy track -- if not a little ahead of the game -- since most kids lose their first tooth (the lower central incisor) around the age of six. It’s unclear whether the royal parents play the tooth fairy game with their own kids (though it has been imagined in children’s fiction), Prince William asked a girl about the tooth fairy during a 2016 visit to a Hampshire hospital.

Life father like son

In two of the new photos, George is pictured wearing the jersey of England’s national football team. In a tweet Sunday, the soccer team wished George a “brilliant birthday,” complimenting his “great choice” in clothing. His sportsman father Prince William has a close bond with the team and English soccer in general. He’s the president of England’s Football Association (the FA), which governs the sport in the country. William has supported the national football team for years, including the opening of St. Georges Park national Football Centre in 2012. Earlier this year, William launched a mental health campaign for male soccer fans.

A royal ‘dressing down’

Eagle-eyed royal fans noticed the future monarch was wearing a dark green H&M polo shirt that retails for just six pounds (less than CAD$10). While the royals are often spotted in Gucci and Armani, they’ve been known to switch it up or “dress down,” as some U.K. media have called it. They’ve also combined pricier fashions with affordable garments too. Earlier this year, George’s aunt Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, was seen wearing a cashmere peacoat by Armani over an H&M maternity dress.

He’s popular online

Though all royal infants garner attention online, Prince George has become a particularly popular -- and meme-able -- member of the family. American TV writer-producer Gary Janetti has built a strong Instagram following off candid photos of the prince paired with comedic captions. Enthusiasm for George was apparent Sunday as social media users shared memories of the last six year, including a moment he got a shock from a goat, a clip of him tossing a kangaroo toy to the side, and the 2014 Christmas photoshoot. As future king, he’s likely to continue to be in the public eye, at least more than his newborn cousin Archie.