HALIBURTON, ONT. -- U.S. President Joe Biden had a bit of an awkward, but all-too-relatable moment last week, when he was handed a note letting him know he had some schmutz on his face.

Biden was hosting a virtual meeting Friday with governors to discuss ongoing efforts to strengthen wildfire prevention, preparedness and response efforts.

At one point during the video meeting a staffer handed the president a note.

Video shows the president reading the note before starting to wipe his face. The note was likely "classified," however, the president turned the piece of paper over, revealing the handwritten words to cameras.

U.S. President Joe Biden

"Sir, there is something on your chin," the note reads.

Associated Press photojournalist Andrew Harnik was in the room during the virtual meeting and captured several images of Biden, including photos of said "something" on the president's chin.

U.S. President Joe Biden

Mustard perhaps? Maybe it was corn?

Whatever it was, it likely came from the president's mask he was pictured wearing when he entered the room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House Campus in Washington prior to the start of the conference call.