TORONTO -- An Egyptian fisher is recovering after undergoing an emergency surgery to remove a live fish that had become lodged in his throat and nearly suffocated him.

The 40-year-old man arrived at the Beni Suef Specialized Hospital, which is located about 150 kilometres south of Cairo.

Medical staff who attended to the patient said he was unable to speak and was experiencing shortness of breath when he was admitted.

Video of the procedure was recorded on Nov. 7 and shared online and with local media, according to Storyful News, who verified and corroborated the footage.

In the 33-second video, a doctor is seen using one hand to pry open the man’s mouth while trying to extract the fish with the other.

Local media reports claim that the fish got stuck at the entrance of the man’s windpipe when he tried to hold the fish in his mouth while attempting to catch a second fish by hand.

Following the short procedure, it was reported the man was recovering and being monitored by staff in the hospital’s intensive care unit.