A small town pooch has received some big city recognition at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

With its shiny black coat and easy temperament, a Newfoundland dog named “Miss Andie” won Best in Breed at the prestigious dog show in New York City on Tuesday.

Despite being a long way from its home in Ladysmith, B.C., the three-and-a-half year old dog wowed judges and audiences alike during the exclusive event.

Cindy Savory, the dog’s owner, shared what it was like when Miss Andie was declared the winner.

“It was crazy,” Cindy Savory told CTV Vancouver Island on Thursday. “I was hugging all these random strangers.”

"I don't often get emotional about these things but I certainly did this time because that was a really big win for us,” the dog’s other owner, Doug Savory, added.

Now that Miss Andie is back at home, the 62-kilogram pooch is being given the royal treatment with walks, cuddles and grooming.

“Everyone's walking in the neighborhood between 8 and 9 o'clock and they're all congratulating ‘We watched her on TV! We cheered for her!’” Cindy Savory said.

Miss Andie has already won dozens of awards at other dog shows, but beating out 18 other Newfoundland dogs at the Westminster event was an extra-special victory.

“The show is the show to make it to in North America, so a lot of the top dogs end up there,” Doug Savory explained.

As for what’s next for the lovable pooch, Miss Andie has one more competition later this year before it will retire from the dog show circuit to focus on creating some award-winning puppies of its own.

With a report from CTV Vancouver Island’s Jessica Lepp