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10-year-old guitarist shreds on the streets of Toronto

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Walk down through the streets of Toronto on the weekends, and you might find 10-year-old Benny Patterson at a street corner, shredding on his guitar.

From ’90s grunge hits by Pearl Jam and Nirvana to heavy metal classics from Metallica and AC/DC, Benny loves spending his weekends on the sidewalk jamming out to his favourite songs with his father, Greg.

“I like Metallica, AC/DC, Ozzy Osborne,” he told CTV National News.

His free concerts have stopped passersby in their tracks, astonished at his skill.

He’s also been building a following on Instagram, using the handle @bennyshredz.

Benny has been playing guitar for the last two years. He first started playing after becoming a fan of the music that his dad would play in the car.

He sharpens up his skills every night, practising for two hours with his dad.

“My dad and me sit in the basement, cranking our amps and just shredding,” Benny said.

The young musician hopes to one day attend a top music school in Boston and become a professional guitarist.

“I want to play on a huge stage.. in front of thousands of screaming fans,” he said.


A post shared by Benny (@bennyshredz)


A post shared by Benny (@bennyshredz)


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