TORONTO -- A Toronto brother and sister have found an innovative way to protect their family members and others amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yezin and Dina Al-Qaysi, the founders of Vyzr Technologies, have invented a 360-degree shielded helmet with a built-in air purification system for those looking for more protection against the novel coronavirus than a face mask.

Dina told CTV National News she and her brother created the helmet, called the BioVYZER, with their immunocompromised mother in mind.

“We put this together for people like her who needed that extra protection," Dina said.

The pair, from Concord, Ont., explained that the helmet features filtered vents with a battery powered fan that can push out “stale” air. The BioVYZER fully encloses the wearer’s head, and stretches down to the chest with a clear piece of plastic over the front and side panels for peripheral viewing.

"It just sits on your shoulders like a vest or a backpack,” Yezin explained.

Yezin added that he has been wearing the helmet around Toronto for months, despite getting curious glances from onlookers.

With no mask and anti-fog technology, others can clearly see the wearer’s full face. If one needed to reach inside the helmet to scratch their face, for example, Yezin said the design features two side openings with attachable gloves.

“We developed these reversible gloves; these are two little openings on the side so if anything kind of itches you can put your fingers through the reversible glove and scratch your nose, put on glasses, adjust your hair," Yezin said and demonstrated for CTV News.

The helmet has a 12-hour battery life and will set consumers back about $500, according to the company’s website.

After posting the product on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, Yezin says the project has received nearly $1 million in backing so far.

Yezin said they have since sold “tens of thousands of units” of the BioVYZER across the world.

While the duo acknowledged that the helmet is “not for everybody,” they say the design is largely aimed at those working in higher risk environments. They say it could also be used as was to way to cope with bad air quality.

Yezin said dentists and health-care staff are just some of the professionals who have ordered the BioVYZER. Some students in Texas also recently pooled their money together to buy one for their teacher.

Other entrepreneurs have come up with their own versions of the BioVYZER, including Utah-based Hall Labs and Florida’s Octo Safety Devices.

With the COVID-19 situation constantly changing, Yezin said he believes the demand for the BioVYZER and other similar products will continue to grow.