As Drake’s new mansion takes shape, CTV Toronto’s cameras captured the colossal 35,000 square-foot mansion under construction.

The rap superstar purchased two acres of land in the city’s exclusive Bridle Path neighbourhood three years ago, for a whopping $6.7 million. He tore down the existing bungalow on the property in order to make way for his ambitious custom-built home.

Designed by Ontario-based luxury home designer and builder Ferris Rafauli, Drake’s imposing home includes an elevator, a 10-car garage, four guest bedrooms, an awards room to display his many trophies, a piano room, screening room, a gym, an NBA regulation-size basketball court, and a jersey room to house his basketball memorabilia, of course.

Oh, and CTV Toronto’s Andria Case reports that the master bedroom will be 941 square-feet, larger than some people’s entire homes.

This project is not the first time Drake has worked with Rafauli, who also designed the rapper’s Sher Club – named after Drake’s grandparents – at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. Membership at the swanky club costs $7,000 and is by invitation only.

Rafauli designs interiors and furniture as well, which means Drake may only need to bring his toothbrush with him when he’s ready to move in – when that will be; however, remains to be seen.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Andria Case