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Apple raise prices for Arcade gaming subscription service, AppleTV+ streaming


Apple Inc. is raising the prices for its AppleTV+ streaming and Arcade gaming plans as well as its bundled Apple One service that includes streaming, music and other subscriptions.

Arcade will now cost $6.99, up from $4.99. AppleTV+ is now $9.99, up from $6.99. Apple News+ will be $12.99, up from $9.99 and Apple One will increase to $19.95 from $16.95 per month for the individual plan and to $25.95 from $22.95 for the family plan. Apple One includes subscriptions for Apple Music, TV, Arcade and 200 gigabytes of iCloud storage.

Apple said the price increases will affect the U.S. and "select international markets."

"Existing subscribers will see these price increases 30 days later, on their next renewal date. We are focused on delivering the best experiences possible for our customers by consistently adding high-quality entertainment, content, and innovative features to our services," Apple said.

Other streaming services have also been raising their prices, especially for subscription tiers that do not include advertisements. Netflix Inc. announced earlier this month that it is raising the price for its most expensive streaming service by $2 to $23 per month in the U.S. -- a 10% increase -- and its lowest-priced, ad-free streaming plan to $12 -- another $2 bump. The $15.50 per month price for Netflix's most popular streaming option in the U.S. will remain unchanged, as will a $7 monthly plan that includes intermittent commercials.

The Walt Disney Co., meanwhile, raised the monthly cost of ad-free Disney+ to $13.99, by roughly 27% and the cost of ad-free Hulu rose by 20% to $17.99. Top Stories

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