The grandmother of a newborn in California is facing charges after the child was allegedly drowned “to prevent family shame.”

Police in Bakersfield, Calif. says the 15-year-old daughter of Beant Dhillon gave birth in the family’s bathroom in November. Within hours of the birth, Dhillon took the baby boy from his mother and murdered him, police allege.

In court documents obtained by 23ABC News, the 43-year-old woman allegedly told police she drowned the child “to prevent family shame.”

Court documents also state that Dhillon gave the body of the newborn to her husband, 47-year-old Jagsir Singh, who then put the remains in a plastic bag. The bag was then allegedly given to Dhillon’s nephew, who buried the body.

A spokesperson for the Bakersfield Police Department told via email that the infant’s body was recovered from a backyard flower bed.

The child’s death was only brought to the attention of authorities this week after the teenage girl spoke with officials at her school.

Dhillon was arrested and charged with murder and child abuse. In court on Thursday, a lawyer representing Dhillon entered a not guilty plea on her behalf. Singh was also arrested for child abuse and conspiracy.

Two children have been taken into protective custody. Dhillon has also been ordered by a judge to have no contact with her teenage daughter.

Police are still searching for Dhillon’s nephew. The 23 year old is wanted for conspiracy and acting as an accessory to a felony after the fact.

None of these allegations have been proven in court.