TORONTO -- With long lines reported at polling stations across the country, Elections Canada is reminding Canadians that anyone in line when polls closed will be able to vote.

In an email to from last week, a spokesperson for Elections Canada said the agency was expecting a “busy” day as voters head to the polls, but that as long as a voter is in line when polls close, they will be able to vote.

“There will be line ups in some places at some times, especially because of pandemic restrictions, but the polls are open for 12 hours and we recommend that electors take advantage of that whole period,” the spokesperson wrote.  

Elections Canada has previously said that COVID-19 restrictions at polling stations may contribute to a “very minor” delay as workers sanitize the voting areas.

Elections Canada has already issued more than 1.2 million mail-in ballots to Canadians requesting them, while another 5.78 million Canadians have already voted in advanced polling.

Depending on a voter’s location, the polls will close anywhere from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time on Sept. 20. Click here to check when polls close in your region.