Ikea probably wasn’t counting on people using their website’s planning tool to design couches with drawbridges, but here we are.

The Swedish-founded furniture company’s years-old digital tool allows users to design their own couches but creative people have been coming up with designs that go beyond simple seats, then sharing them on social media.

One user and his roommate designed a “couch fortress” with a drawbridge, which would cost $5,900 to make. Another person created an impressive re-creation of a goat’s face.

Several people even designed winding mazes made of couches that may look great, but would be far from practical as furniture.  

The explosion of tweets appear to have started on June 21,after Twitter user @rudermensch designed a spacious a 70-seat, U-seat sofa, which would go for a little more than $19,700. The tweet has since garnered nearly 52,000 likes and 8,700 retweets.

Using a series of loveseats, ottomans and furniture cushions, some users appeared to have messages to give to the people and spelled out the words such as “couch,” the Korean boy band BTS and an exasperated “oof.”

One person even designed a robot-shaped couch they named “Sofa Bot 3000,” while others (inevitably) designed some that resemble parts of the male anatomy.

Several people have also compared the unconventional designs to structures people can build in the video game Minecraft or find in dungeons in Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda video game series.