The lines in Ikea’s packed cafeterias may be getting a little longer now that the furniture retailer has added poutine to its menu of Swedish meatballs, smoked salmon and hotdogs at a handful of Canadian stores.

Three of 14 Canadian Ikeas – Winnipeg, Quebec City and Boucherville, Que. – offer the French-Canadian classic that brings together fries, gravy and cheese curds. The item has proven very popular, according to Ikea. Only the Boucherville store mentions the $4.99 item on its website but it’s been served in Winnipeg since 2014.

Will it come to more locations?

“There’s always a possibility,” Maja Boricevic, a communications specialist with Ikea Canada, told “While we will always be rooted in our Swedishness and will serve classic dishes such as meatballs and salmon, each store has the ability to adapt and try new dishes that are relevant to their markets and customer tastes.”

So it’s in your hands, Ikea shoppers.