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CTV News Channel is Canada's 24-hour all-news network, drawing on the vast resources of Canada's #1 news organization, CTV News, to deliver breaking news the moment it happens.

Watch the latest headlines from Canada and around the world from CTV News crews based in every major Canadian city.

The Debate

Panelists join host Mike Le Couteur each night to debate 3 topical issues.

Weeknights 6-7 P.M. ET 

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This Hour

Angie Seth explores the top stories from across the country with anchors from CTV’s local stations.

Weeknights 7-8 P.M. ET 

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Top 3 Tonight

Host Merella Fernandez takes a deep dive on the top three stories of the night.

Weeknights 8-9 P.M. ET 

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Power Play

Stay on top of the latest political news with CTV News Channel's Power Play. The marquee political program with Vassy Kapelos airs daily, Monday to Friday.

Weeknights 5-6 P.M. ET 

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Question Period

Don't miss an episode of CTV's Question Period, the national political landmark show with Vassy Kapelos. The program is a must-see for political junkies.

Sundays 11 A.M-12 P.M. ET 

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