Customers in New Brunswick are toasting a new summer promotion by provincial liquor store NB Liquor. In a bid to keep consumers from leaving the province for their booze, NB Liquor’s sale is offering prices comparable to those in Quebec.

The deal will allow customers who buy four separate 15-packs of participating beer brands to pay $75 instead of $112.

Crossing the border for Quebec beer has been an attractive option for New Brunswickers since a court ruling in April found that limits on cross-border alcohol imports were unconstitutional. Beer prices in Quebec are generally about half the price charged in New Brunswick. The New Brunswick government is currently appealing the ruling.

Shyanne McWilliams was one of the first to take advantage of the competitive prices as she stocked up at her local NB Liquor.

“I think it’s great,” she told CTV Atlantic. “I think it’s fair that we’re able to have equal prices to Quebec.”

Kim Horncastle agrees that the lower beer prices are good thing and will be a boon to the provincial economy.

“When you buy beer here, you’re supporting the local brewery, and the union, and the taxes help pay for our medicare system and stuff,” Horncastle said. “I believe in buying local.”

Despite the enthusiasm from customers, not everyone is happy about the new summer pricing. Moosehead Breweries is New Brunswick’s largest brewery and its product Moose Light is one of the promotion’s participating brands. Trevor Grant, the vice-president of sales at Moosehead, says there is a “significant risk” of falling profit margins because of the reduced prices. Grant said not taking part in NB Liquor’s deal wasn’t really an option if Moosehead wants to stay competitive in its home province.

Customer Chris Yockey thinks keeping prices comparable to Quebec is good for New Brunswick.

“I believe it’s important to keep the prices competitive,” he said. “It’s important to the consumer for sure.”

NB Liquor’s spokesman, Mark Barbour, says the summer sale is an extension of another promotion that includes the same beer brands.

The new promotion officially begins Thursday and will run until Labour Day.

With a report from CTV Atlantic