Vending machines stocked with potato chips and chocolate bars are standard in many buildings, but what if you need milk, eggs or fresh fruit?

Jason Moyal is launching Happy Vending, a new company that he hopes will bring refrigerated grocery vending machines stocked with staples to high-rise buildings across Vancouver.

The local entrepreneur said the first two machines are set to be installed in Vancouver in January.

It’s a new concept in Canada, but Moyal said the machines are already being used in other countries such as England.

“You run out of coffee, you run out of milk, you can just go downstairs, swipe your card … and you’ve got the milk,” Moyal tells CTV Vancouver.

The local entrepreneur said the vending machines provide options – and convenience -- for those living in high-rise, vertical communities.

“People don’t necessarily need to go and walk four blocks or start their car in order to go get their last-minute groceries,” Moyal said.

To build a business plan, Moyal researched the top-selling items in local corner stores. He plans to put those items in the vending machines, unless the tenants request something else.

In addition to produce, eggs and milk, the vending machines could also provide non-edibles, such as adhesive bandages and toiletries.

And there’s an online component: users will be able to access an app to see if it’s worth the trip downstairs.

“You open the app, you go in and you can see what’s in the machine, what kind of products, how much they cost and when they expire,” Moyal said.

According to the Happy Vending website, the refrigerated machines have a “health timer” system that alerts staff members when products are about to expire. In addition, staff members will check the machine and products every 24 hours.

Moyal said he’s hoping to eventually bring the vending machines to buildings across Canada.