Florida police say a man is behind bars after stealing liquor and cigarettes dressed as Spider-Man.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office posted surveillance video of the store on social media, in which the man first tries to open the store’s door unmasked. Shortly thereafter, he returns wearing a Spider-Man face mask and begins stuffing cigarettes and liquor into a box without paying for it.

“There’s a line in the Spider-Man theme song, he ‘catches thieves, just like flies.’ In this commercial burglary video, you’ll see Spider-Man himself is the thief, who managed to get himself caught, by appearing on surveillance video UNMASKED,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a tweet linking to the video.

Police say they immediately recognized the man from the surveillance footage as a career criminal who they’ve known since 1991 and who was out on bond for other burglaries.

“To me, it was just a matter of absolute surprise that he would walk up to the door first, try to break in and then it starts clicking in his head that I might get caught if I don’t put a mask on,” said Bruce Milne, the police officer who reviewed the footage and then made the arrest.

Police say the man was planning to exchange his loot for drugs.