A dog may be man’s best friend, but a California feline that rescued a child from a dog attack seems intent on forcing us humans to rethink that age-old mantra.

Surveillance video outside a home in Bakersfield, Calif. showed a young boy riding his bike on his driveway Tuesday when a neighbour’s dog runs around his family car and then suddenly sinks its teeth into the child’s leg.

Separate video outside the dog owner’s home also shows the dog looking in the direction of where the boy is playing, ears up, before he runs over, sneaks around the parked SUV and attacks the boy.

The dog drags the boy for a moment before the boy’s cat comes racing into view, knocking the dog off the boy. The canine culprit runs away with the cat in hot pursuit, while the boy’s mother runs to her son’s rescue.

The cat, identified in local news reports as Tara, chases the dog into the street to ensure he stays away.

The last of the footage from the scene shows the mother, the boy and the cat looking in the direction of the dog’s home.

The last frames of the video itself show two gashes purportedly sustained by the boy and then the same gashes with several stitches.

The boy’s mother told local television station KERO that her son is fine and the dog is now “under observation.”