A courtroom sketch artist who drew Tom Brady during his “Deflategate” civil suit appearance says she’s surprised by all the attention her depiction has received online.

Jane Rosenberg’s sketches of the New England Patriots quarterback looking rather dark and foreboding in court on Wednesday quickly went viral, spawning humorous images, known as memes, that compared Rosenberg’s depiction of Brady to Lurch in the “The Addams Family” and Quasimodo in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

A seasoned sketch artist, Rosenberg told CTV News Channel on Friday that she got a “little nervous” when she spotted Brady seated in the Manhattan federal court, because it was hard to figure out “what it is about his likeness that makes him, him.”

Rosenberg also said that “it’s very difficult to sketch beautiful people.”

“He’s very handsome, Tom Brady, and you need to spend a little more time to soften facial features when doing a beautiful person or a handsome man.”

She had a “very short window of time” to do the sketch, Rosenberg said, and “knew” she had to get both Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in the same drawing on paper “so I went for a wide shot.”

“So Brady’s head is tiny … it’s like a square inch on the page,” Rosenberg said. “I did a hundred people on the piece of paper, and he’s this big, but the whole world is focusing on that square inch.”

Rosenberg, who’s not on social media, said she was caught off guard by the instant attention.

“Somebody had emailed me right away after I had sent my sketches in, asking for an interview and another person asked me for an interview, and I didn’t understand why.”

She contacted a reporter, who warned her that some of the memes were “negative.”

But Rosenberg is taking it all in stride.

She “loves” the meme featuring her sketch of Brady superimposed on Michael Jackson’s body in a still from the singer’s zombie-themed “Thriller” music video.

“I laughed at the memes -- they’re really funny and creative,” she said.

Tom Brady sketch(@Athlonsports / Twitter)