MP Tony Clement has returned to Instagram after a lengthy break, thanking supporters for helping him through “the dark valley” he was in during a scandal that saw him sending sexually explicit photos and videos through social media.

“Thank you for allowing me time away from social media as I get my life back in order,” Clement wrote in a post on February 20.

“I had a severe personal crisis and it manifested itself in the irrational behaviour that became apparent and for which I take full responsibility.”

Clement, who was ousted from caucus back in November 2018 after sending sexually explicit videos and images of himself to someone who turned out to be an extortionist, took a long break from social media in the fallout from the scandal.

In the post, Clement apologizes for any damage he may have done, and says that in the time since he’s been seeking counselling and working on his family life – saying he’s “on the right path now.”

“Thanks to the many who offered me and my family encouragement, support and prayers!” he wrote. “You helped me get through the dark valley I was in.”

Clement says he’s returned to his duties in Ottawa now that Parliament has resumed.